Life After The Cube

I left my previous job – and a 2 hour daily commute – at the end of March. The first part of April has been full of indie book promotion and an indie marketing campaign for my new Grumbacher sponsored acrylic painting class at Michael’s. I’m hoping to streamline the process of posting calendar updates to different online publications so it’s not such a time drain.

So far it’s been good experience. I don’t have a problem concentrating or finding things to do. Instead, my main challenge has been figuring out how to fit everything I want to do into a day. I’ve put a large black corkboard on the wall behind me to visually organize everything that I want to do. I just need to make myself stop and fill it in with my notes.

Having a painting class to manage has been just the push I needed to start regularly painting again. I’m recording the process in order to make examples of my work as well as lesson plans for future classes. You can check out my first painting over at The next step will be to make some vlogs, I just need to do some research on some good lighting solutions.

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Artists for Japan

My friend Emiko (the photographer with whom I organized the EMerge show) has started a collection of inspirational works by Japanese artists. [See the collection here]

As is the trend for many young creatives in Japan, she’s made postcard reproductions of the works to sell for charity.

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Dream Entry

I dreamt about the sun this morning. I´m sure that´s because of all the weird stuff I´ve been reading lately. There´s a theory on the conspiratorial news sites that I like reading. The theory is that there will be a huge CME – Cornal Mass Ejection soon. The thought is that this is what the huge 2012 event is going to be. It will be triggered by gravity pushing on the magnetic bubble created by the sun. These outside forces are supposed to make the sun act like a pressure cooker.I was thinking about this today after I read about Caleb Charland’s science photography earlier today. Especially when I saw his Circle with Matches.

In my dream the sun was huge and brighter than usual so I used an index card to cover the main body of the sun. With it covered I could see smoky tentacles coming out of the sides.

I hunted for a bit and found an awesome page of photos of the sun on The Boston Globe´s The Big Picture. I adjusted one to look a little closer to the image I had in mind:

The coronal curls in my dream were much more energetic than this. But you get the idea.

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